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Project Award Submission Materials

Projects must have been completed within 12 months before the Program opening date (no earlier than September 27, 2021).

* - required field

  1. Project Name*
  2. Permission* - Check that you have the right to submit the project per the client and photographer and assume all liability 
  3. Photo Credits - (if applicable)
  4. Project Images* - (You can submit up to 5 images.)
  5. Project Video
  6. Project Description* (300 words) - Please provide a description of your project. Your description must be unique to this project and to this category.
  7. Company Description* (300 words) - Please provide a description of your company which can be used, if needed, in online and print marketing.
  8. Company Website URL*
  9. Project Scope* (300 words) - Describe the scope of this project, and specific needs and desires of the customer.
  10. Fulfillment of Customer Needs* (300 words) - Describe how the system addressed the customer's needs and desires. Include:
    • How the systems and components were integrated physically and aesthetically into the architecture of the structure
    • Improvements in quality of life for the customer
    • Intuitiveness and ease of use functions
    • Any documentation that was provided to the owner at the completion of the project
  11. Customer Testimonial (300 words) - Please provide a customer testimonial with customer contact information.
  12. Equipment Information - Please select the PRIMARY brand used in this installation for the following categories. (Provide quantity used, manufacturer and model # for each.)
    • Home Controls
    • Lighting & Lighting Controls
    • Multi-Room Distribution & Entertainment Systems
    • Flat Panel Displays
    • Front Projectors
    • Projection Screens
    • Main Theater Speakers
    • In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers
    • A/V Amps, Pre-Pros & Receivers
    • Blu-Ray, DVD Players, Streaming Sources
    • Remote Controls
    • A/V Furniture
    • Energy/Power Management
    • Cabling/HDMI/Extenders
    • Other
  13. Partner Participation Information:
    • Partner Name (builder, architect, designer, etc.)
    • Partner City
    • Partner State


Please contact Kelsi Fizer with any questions - kelsi.fizer@emeraldx.com