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Project Categories

Custom Home of the Year

The entry should show how the product selection, hardware, and system programming solved problems, improved lifestyle and/or delivered a user‐friendly experience in either a new construction or a retrofit project.

Energy Management Project of the Year

This entry will recognize a residential project that includes a focus on sustainability and improving the environment using technology. Submitted projects should be environmentally friendly in terms of reduction of energy consumption, emissions and/or natural resources. Projects can include devices that monitor, log or control energy consumption, including smart thermostats, smart HVAC registers, intelligent electrical panels, electric vehicle chargers, generators, battery back-up, renewables, occupancy sensors, energy harvesting systems, and more. Full results in terms of energy mitigation should be included as part of the entry when possible. 

Health and Wellness Project of the Year

This award acknowledges a home that best uses technology to facilitate the health and/or special needs of customers. The winning entry should epitomize Universal Design by fulfilling specific current or future needs of the homeowner, such as aging in place, an adaptable living environment, simple and flexible user interface solutions, communication of critical user information, low (or high) demand for physical effort, and a high tolerance for the users capabilities. This project may also highlight technology solutions that anticipate evolving needs of the homeowner as the user's abilities, needs and desires change over time.

Home Theater/Media Room Project of the Year

This award recognizes the best designed and installed dedicated entertainment system, including video display, surround sound, multiple sources and control. The winning entry should demonstrate ease of use, integration with the room's environmental systems (lighting, window coverings and temperature) and/or other house systems (security, cameras, access control, distributed audio/video, etc.).

Specialty Project of the Year  

This award recognizes an integrator’s creativity and innovative use of technology to achieve a specific application. The winning entry should provide a solution that best demonstrates a unique application of technology for an unusual challenge. The entry can include sustainable/green energy projects, as well as emerging technologies, including virtual reality / augmented reality, voice control, or advanced systems in audio (i.e., listening technology), video, or security camera technology (i.e., facial recognition, thermal imaging).

Smart Home Office Project of the Year 

This award recognizes an integration project in a home office space. The installation can include, but not be limited to, features such as network backbone and cybersecurity, teleconferencing audio microphones and headsets, teleconferencing camera, acoustical treatments, lighting, monitors or displays, unified communication/collaboration gear, interfaces, ergonomic seating and furniture.  

Please contact Kelsi Fizer with any questions - kelsi.fizer@emeraldx.com